4 Things You Absolutely NEED To Lose Weight & Get Fit

No chit-chat before this one, let’s get straight to it…

1- Not settling for a level of health you’re unhappy with through “copium”/rationalisations such as:

“I don’t want to lose my curves”

“I’m too old to lose weight”

“Nobody around me gets it”

“Being skinny won’t automatically make me happy anyway”

I don’t have time to unpack these here, but be mindful how easy it is to self-justify/settle where you’re at by overplaying supposed downsides or disadvantages.

2- Understand that’s is not always about eating less. “Eat less, move more” - how many times have we heard that?

Well, there’s a difference between food volume and calories. So when people say “just eat less”, what do they actually mean? Eat less food or eat fewer calories?

Load your plate with low calorie-density foods so you can eat lots and maintain a suitable calorie deficit for YOU.

Example: 3oz chocolate = 465 calories OR 3oz strawberries = 28 calories

Research volume eating and think about eating right, not eating less.

3- Stop punching above your weight with exercise.

This one is obvious but seemingly easy to be ignorant of when you’re desperate for fast results.

If you haven’t gone running in a few years, don’t be signing up for a 10k race just yet!

You’ll risk injury, burnout and quitting early because it’s hard to sustain.

Start with gentle, low-intensity activities and graduate when:

a) your fitness ability improves 

b) your slowing progress suggests you might need to up the ante.

4- Understand that momentum is the “invisible force” or mastery in any area.

When you’re new to this, it feels like you’re swimming against the current.

You’re trying to install new habits but still operating mentally as the “old you”.

It will take a little while for things to click, but when they do, being consistent gets SO much easier!

Did you find this helpful?

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