Being Free From The Outcome - One Mindset Trick For Long-Lasting Weight Loss Success

In this post I'm going to share with you a powerful principle that will help you get your mind to a place to where you can experience long-lasting weight loss & health success. I made a video on this very principle, check it out below:

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Just like trusting the process, this is another law of weight loss that can string your strategy together nicely. The freedom from outcome principle of course relies on you establishing healthy habits and having a powerful nutrition philosophy in the first place, but it’s an idea that can most definitely take your results to the next level if applied correctly.

Simply put, the idea of having freedom from outcome is that you are not attached to one particular end result. People get so emotionally invested with having their body look a certain way, that they almost put themselves through mental torture with each day that passes where they don’t look exactly how they’d like to look.

Embracing this mentality, whether it’s conscious or not, poses a couple of threats. Your quality of life is the first thing that will take a good hammering. Whilst carrying the demeanour of somebody who is ruthlessly ambitious, internally you will be desperate, needy and you’ll experience continuous, unrelenting disappointment throughout your weight loss journey. Being overly invested in the outcome of your efforts does not make for pleasurable day-to-day life, generally speaking.

Secondly, what happens in the case that you don’t get the outcome you expected? Well for most, this only leads to the gut-wrenching feeling of failure that results in so many people giving up on their goals and quitting altogether. I’m all for having goals, but you have to find a way to trick your mind into not getting too disgruntled when you don’t reach them in time.

I have a simple mantra for detaching from outcome; you want the end result, but you don’t emotionally need it. Whilst you take steps to pursue weight loss, you don’t put all of your value as a person and your self-worth into being a certain weight. This way, you’ll be able to fully relax and genuinely enjoy the process of slimming down on plant foods without experiencing bitter disappointment if your progress isn’t quite where you want it to be yet.

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