Is Bread OKAY For Weight Loss?

Short answer: YES!

However, you're going to need to make sure of the following...


  1. You're eating the optimal type of bread (I'll explain how you find these down the page)

  2. You're eating it in the right quantities relative to your nutrition needs

  3. You're NOT topping it with a bunch of ingredients which aren't so weight loss-friendly

If you get these 3 things right, bread can ABSOLUTELY be part of a weight loss-promoting diet!

I think a lot of people think there needs to be a binary rule around bread, that you must avoid it at all costs...

Not at all. But of course you'll need to make some smart choices.

Speaking of which, here's what to look for to find decent quality bread products:

  • High fibre; so probably not made from white flour (whole wheat and rye are great)

  • Contain little to no oil

  • Have no added milk or eggs 

 You can even consider making your own, but I appreciate that this is a lot more effort!

Anyway, stick to these rules of thumb, and you can lose plenty of weight eating bread.

Sadly I can't advise on things like quantities without knowing a whole lot more about you. Here's a short video where I explain why I don't often give suggestions on portion sizes:

If you're curious about which breads I use, options in the UK are sadly very limited, but at the moment I'm using Burgen's Oat & Quinoa or Soya & Linseed bread. Not perfect, but about the best widely available bread options here.

If you're in the US, Ezekiel is a great option, so too are the vegan-friendly options from the Dave's Killer Bread range.

Hope this helps to give you a little permission that bread CAN work for weight loss! Enjoy!

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