Natural Foods: The Only Diet You Need

It's hardly grandiose but I love this message from Dr. John McDougall:

"The more rice, corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and beans we eat, the trimmer, more energetic, and healthier we become."

Having lost 35lbs very naturally, in a large part due to Dr. McDougall's advice, I can safely say that I agree 100%. It was these natural, healthy plant foods which helped me kickstart my health transformation a few years ago.

Before that I was continuously jumping from diet to diet in desperate search of stumbling across something that would work for me. Don't get me wrong, sometimes these mainstream diets did bring me results.

When I started to count my calories, I was able to lose a couple of pounds here and there. When I started to follow a paleo/high protein diet, I was able shift some of my stubborn belly fat. But there was a problem: these strategies were not sustainable.

Cutting back on my calories and restricting my portions every day might've gotten me results for a couple of weeks, but it simply wasn't practical over the long term. Plus...I was still eating a bunch of artificial, junk food which meant that I was never satisfied (it's much easier to feel full when you eat lots of wholefoods) and far from healthy. I'd often end up just having these huge binges after 1-2 weeks calorie counting, where I'd put all the weight I'd worked so hard to lose right back on!

When it came to the paleo/high protein diet, well that just wasn't good for me. I was eating far too many animal products which are packed full of trans and saturated fats, cholesterol and other chemicals which are really not designed to be in our body.

At the time I started following this approach I also started hitting the gym - hence the loss in belly fat! I wouldn't put this down to the diet at all. Overtime though I gained weight, developed more of a "puffy" bodybuilder look and developed really bad acne.

On a side note - I'd had moderately bad acne since I was 16 years old, but all of the meat and dairy I was eating really blew it up. Anyway, just when I was just about the biggest meat fanatic in the United Kingdom, I discovered plant based diets.

I slowly began to cut the animal products and artifical foods out of my diet and eat more rice, potatoes, oats and so on.

The results came very quickly. As I progressed I did more and more research. I stumbled across speeches and presentations given by famous plant based doctors (Dr. McDougall was one of them!) on YouTube. I took in as much information as I possibly could on plant based diets, and began fully embracing them for myself.

My transformation in the following weeks and months was amazing! I know it sounds ridiculous, but the weight just flew off me! I'd notice changes in the mirror and on the scales every SINGLE day.

And the best part was...I didn't feel like I was following a typical "diet". I didn't have to worry about counting calories, or restricting my portions. I never felt hungry or dissatisfied. Infact the whole process was pretty effortless for me.

Very naturally I became leaner, my skin cleared up, my energy improved and I actually noticed myself have more zest and enthusiasm for life! It sounds cliche, but that's exactly how I felt. And it was all thanks to these very simple natural, plant foods.

Two years down the line, that's exactly why I decided to title my new book "Natural Foods: The Only Diet You Need". That's because it really is the ONLY diet you need. What better diet is there than one that doesn't require you to count calories or do crazy amounts of exercise?!

The problem with most mainstream commercial diets is that they really on the premise of eating less food, often to the point where they're extreme and hard to follow. That isn't the case with natural foods because they're exactly what we are designed to eat.

When you start tapping into this idea, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to take back control of your weight and master your health in the process. I really encourage you to give it a shot for yourself!

If you want a step-by-step guide on how to leverage the power of natural foods to kickstart your transformation, grab a copy of my new book "Natural Foods: The Only Diet You Need" today!

I strongly urge you not to waste another moment and to get started right now! So many people go months and even years with the dream getting in great shape without ever taking action. I know by the fact that you're reading this that you're NOT one of those people!

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Good luck!