Ryan's NEW YEAR Message For 2023!!


I'm sick and tired of hearing this...

"This is the year I'll do it Ryan, I'm finally going to lose weight!"

Imagine doing my job and how often I hear this!

People are just empty words most of the time, no FORCE behind what they say. No vigour or energy. 

I can even hear in the tone of their voice that they don't really mean it!

Nowadays, people's words are lost on me. I judge them on their actions.

You might think I sound harsh here, but I ask you to trust that what I'm about to say to you comes from a truly good, loving place:

Please DON'T be this person. Don't be the "I feel like this is finally my year" person.

Hope and positivity are GOOD traits, but for goodness sake, let's actually make it happen this time.

No more empty words. No more "I'll start on X date".

Let's bloody get to work NOW!! Seriously, what are you actually waiting for?

Most people use every date in the calendar, every holiday or every event in their personal lives as an EXCUSE to not take action. 

Weak mentality! I expect better of you, and you should expect better from yourself.

So let's get to work. The moment you finish reading this, get up and go for a walk. Make that healthy meal. Don't just go back to Netflix and Christmas leftovers and let this message be lost on you.

You have an opportunity to take whatever spike of emotion you feel as you read this, and use it as FUEL for your success!

And think about it like this: if you can fix your habits now, at the time of year when most people feel depressed, when CAN'T you do this?

So come on...let's get after it starting TODAY!!

You already know what to do next. I know you're not stupid.

- if you binge eat: go and get help so you can learn how to deal with that.

- if you're eating well but not losing: you know you need to actually consider calories, so just go and do that

- if you eat well most of the time but get cravings: stop giving into them and your taste buds WILL actually change!

- if you eat well but hardly exercise: go and do some damn exercise

Even with complex problems, that you're not exactly sure how to solve, you act least know the NEXT STEP!

When I want to make a YouTube video, I don't worry yet about where I'm going to put the camera, what lighting I'm going to use, when I'm going to upload it or what the thumbnail will be...

...that would be SO overwhelming. I wouldn't even start!

Instead, I just think: what's something valuable I've learnt working with my clients recently that I could share? 

BOOM! I have a 10-15 ideas just like that. That's step 1.

Then I worry about how I'm going to structure the video - still not thinking about cameras, lighting, thumbnails or anything like that just yet!

So...my question to you: what is your NEXT STEP? 

You already know the answer, so just go and do that. Get the information, clarity and support you need.

It's tough listening to people's empty words ESPECIALLY when I've watched another 100 or so of my Vegan Slim & Sustain clients CRUSH it this year!!

When you observe that the vast majority of people totally FAIL in their efforts to get slim, fit & healthy...

...whilst KNOWING what people are actually capable of with the right info, structure & guidance...it does truly HURT to watch people mess up.

Anyway, my battle cry to you today is this:


It doesn't matter if you don't have all the answers yet or have a full game-plan. You DO know what the next step is. 

Break down the process into easy actionable habits and you'll DESTROY that annoying overwhelming feeling that so often holds you back!

I sincerely hope this message sets you straight as we head into the New Year, but if you want help putting all of this together, CLICK HERE for all the details about my Vegan Slim & Sustain coaching program.

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Talk soon,