Why Fruit Does NOT Cause Weight Gain

“WAIT...but what about sugar, sugar, SUGAR?!” Here’s the deal with fruit...

Alongside vegetables, fruit is one of the BEST food groups for weight loss. Why?

  •  low calorie-density (except dried fruit)

  • very high fibre content

  • packed with anti-oxidants, vitamins & minerals

However, since fruit comes with more natural sugars than other whole foods, some people are skeptical.

The first thing to stress on this is that the natural sugars found in fruit are worlds apart from the added sugar used in processed foods.

Fructose and glucose are the most common added sugars, and fructose in particular is associated with obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Fruit however contains a mixture of fructose, glucose and sucrose and so the amount of fructose is considerably lower in fruit, heavily diluted and metabolised differently.

Natural sugars found in fruits also contain fibre, minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants, lots of water, etc. which actually reduces spikes in blood sugar.

Note: if you do have either type of diabetes, I highly recommend the work of the folks at Mastering Diabetes for more on this: https://www.masteringdiabetes.org

Bottom line: fruits don’t contain enough fructose to warrant the same concern you might (rightly) have of processed foods with lots of added sugars.

In fact, fruit is incredibly nutrient dense yet comes with very few calories, making it excellent for losing weight.

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