21-Day Plant-Based Accelerator (eBook)

21-Day Plant-Based Accelerator (eBook)

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A Comprehensive 21-Day Plant-Based Meal Plan To Lose Weight, Quicker Than Ever Before!

Mastering your weight and taking control of your health can take time. You probably already know this. But what if I could help you significantly shorten your learning curve and ACCELERATE your weight loss transformation? The 21-Day Plant-Based Accelerator is a step-by-step nutrition program that tells you exactly what to eat for rapid weight loss results.

  • 36 Page Manual for Instant Download to Any Device
  • Complete 21-Day Meal Plan So You Can Lose Weight Whilst Eating Delicious & Satisfying Food
  • Full Recipe Guide + Alternative Options
  • Advice on Portion Sizes
  • Weight Loss Troubleshooting Tips & Strategies
  • Grocery Shopping Hacks

 The MOST effective way to kickstart your transformation with natural, plant foods!

Note: some of the recipes included in my book Natural Foods: The Only Diet You Need are featured in this program.