21-Day Plant-Based Accelerator (eBook)

21-Day Plant-Based Accelerator (eBook)

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A Comprehensive 21-Day Plant-Based Meal Plan To Lose Weight, Quicker Than Ever Before!

Mastering your weight and taking control of your health can take time. You probably already know this. But what if I could help you significantly shorten your learning curve and ACCELERATE your weight loss transformation? The 21-Day Plant-Based Accelerator is a step-by-step nutrition program that tells you exactly what to eat for rapid weight loss results.

  • 36 Page Manual for Instant Download to Any Device
  • Complete 21-Day Meal Plan So You Can Lose Weight Whilst Eating Delicious & Satisfying Food
  • Full Recipe Guide + Alternative Options
  • Advice on Portion Sizes
  • Weight Loss Troubleshooting Tips & Strategies
  • Grocery Shopping Hacks

 The MOST effective way to kickstart your transformation with natural, plant foods!

Note: some of the recipes included in my book Natural Foods: The Only Diet You Need are featured in this program.

The information provided in this product is not meant to be substituted for medical advice. Click here for full Disclaimer Notice.